Drugs Training for Free

This free drugs training is suitable whether you are a parent, carer, employer, employee, friend or somebody who is worried about anyone who is or may be using drugs (legal and illegal substances). Kirklees Adults and Young Persons Local Partnership Boards seek to support community members as much as possible www.saferkirklees.co.uk 

Those coming into contact with drug users should be able to identify and respond appropriately to the individuals needs. Users frequently report that it is through having the support of someone who understands that they could talk to, which has helped them get through difficult times. Suitable training can bring about an understanding about drugs which assists in being there for someone in their time of need; effective drugs training can make a difference.

It is worth remembering that most people who use drugs do not come to serious harm, however unfortunately for some who abuse drugs this can lead to problems for themselves and others.

Free access to this United Kingdom drugs training resource has been made possible by financial support of the Kirklees Children and Young People Service.

e-learning free drugs course demoWorkforce employers:

Are you confident as an employer that you are providing your staff with appropriate support and training which creates a knowledgeable and skilled workforce?

This online training programme offers a starting point to that process which should be complemented by continuation training opportunities. Local DAAT's can provide advice and support in developing a tiered approach to training with can be tailored to meet the individual needs of learners and organisations. Obtain details of your local DAT here DAT Directory.

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